Get AI working for you – the healthcare practitioners – to substantially improve your healthcare diagnostic capabilities


Upload Image Files

Upload image files via our
application using your own server

Select Parameters

Select parameters such as disease,
body area and diagnostic tool used

Run AI

Simply press a button to run your
AI diagnosis and get your results

ABOUT is an industry-disruptive technology company which puts AI in the hands of the end user. We democratize healthcare AI with an automated machine learning platform, designed specifically for the healthcare practitioners.

Democratizes AI

Begins to solve one of the largest gaps in AI – putting AI in hands of the end user (healthcare practitioner)

Real Time, Automated Predictions

Algorithms can be run in a fully automated manner in less than a few seconds

Highly Accurate

Uses top performing AI and machine learning algorithms, including deep learning, to make accurate predictions (up to 99.9%)

Reduces Costs

Reduces need for large data science teams and heavy technology stacks, so resources can be re-directed towards other valuable activities

Secure Platform

Data stays secure in own network with the desktop application


Hospitals and Medical Clinics

Imaging and Diagnostics

Animal Health



Medicinal Cannabis


AI Diagnosis

Highly efficient and effective
AI diagnosis tool to determine
highly accurate probabilities

Probability Map

Drill into each image further
to visualize with a
probability heat map

Simple UI

AI is democratized to the end
users with a light architecture
and user friendly UI


Our office is located in the emerging AI city of Edmonton, Canada.
Please contact us through the contact form or the following contact
information. We will be in touch shortly!


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